Taşköy Alaçatı

Yeni Mecidiye Mh., İzmir-Çeşme Otoyolu, Izmir Province, Turkey

İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport 85 km.

In Greek mythology, Phaedra who was daughter of Crete King Minos, married with Athens King Thseus and they had two kids. But Phaedra fell in love with Hippolytos who is son of Theseus from his first marriage and declared her love. After a while Hippolytos died because of carriage accident to some, rage of his father to some and since he got trapped under a horse to some. Then Phaedra committed a suicide as she couldn’t bear that pain.This tragedy was showed at theatres in antique Greek cities for years and this situations took a place in psychology literature as Phaedra complex. When we chose this tragedy identified with theatre for main concept of our hotel as people set their heart to wine, olive oil and history, we aimed to take you back to past by creating time changes as well as place changes with your short time accommodation as we put art, history and all features of Alacati to every corner of our hotel.After you take the first step to our hotel, you will feel that hand of a friend is given and art, history and visual richness surround you.

Hotel Details

Check-in time
After 15:00 day of arrival.

Check-out time
11:00 upon day of departure.

Smoking is allowed.

No pets allowed


Yeni Mecidiye Mh., İzmir-Çeşme Otoyolu, Izmir Province, Turkey