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    Formerly known as Kırkınca, subject to legends and songs, Şirince is a touristic village in Selçuk province of İzmir. 8 kilometer away from Selçuk. 12 kilometer from Ephesus Ancient City and 30 kilometer from Kuşadası, Şirince is one of the most famous tourism resorts that located between the hills.


    Transportation to Şirince is usually made by land. Those who doesn't have private car may reach Şirince with busses that go either İzmir or Kuşadası. From there, with the busses or minibusses they can reach Şirince. Those who prefer air transportation may choose 1 hour journey to Şirince after landing on İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport.


    Most of its houses made before nineteenth century, Settlement in Şirince located between the village hills. The reason of this is protecting from pirate attacks. Şirince folk managed to preserve its authentic architecture and cute little village. Location of Şirince is very suitable for agritourism, sea and cultural tourisms. Known as "Klaseas" in first era, rivulet that streams from Şirince Bosphorus completes the village. Mediterrenean climate is ruling over Şirince. Its vegetations are pines and maquis, purple flowered Hatmis growed near the road, fig gardens and olive groves are most attractive features of this beautiful village.


    Just like İzmir's name, pretty district of Şirince first gets its attention it has in 2012. According to mayan calender, when the end of the world comes Şirince would be the safest place on earth since then Şirince became one of the most popular touristic area. Preserved with architectural features, containing lots of historical and natural beauties, there are lots of activities you can do in Şirince. First off go out to discover narrow streets which didn't lose its historical touch, photograph traditional achitectural house examples how they displayed generously. Explore the famous foreign and local touristic destinations such as Selçuk Castle, Ephesus Mother Mary Church and Ephesus Ancient City. Also you should definitely explore the Up and Down churches in Şirince village. Carry on your travel route with Village square and historical Şirince houses. Embrace sincere hospitality of Şirince folks accompanying with tea with a colour of rabbit blood.


    Şirince is one of the place that's famous for its food. Touches your soul with natural, air, chic streets and historical places also feasting your eyes and stomach with its foods. It's pancakes, dishes made out of Aegean herbs, region's famous shish kebab, a dish of mutton or chicken and coursely ground wheat and soups will leave a mark on your palate. Village breakfasts made with fresh ingredients and very famous in local vines are in the travellers favourite list.


    You can buy handcraft souvenirs from stall merchants in şirince village's bazaar to gift your loved ones. Buy olive oil soaps made with olive oil and different style. Şirince's most favourite thing to buy is its wines without a doubt. These delicious wines that will leave a mark on your palate would be a perfect gift to your loved ones.
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