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    Located far west of Antalya, Kaş is one of the favourite tourism districts of the region. Kaş separates from Mugla’s popular tourism resort Fethiye with Demre on east, Elmalı on north and Eşen Rivulet on its west. Kaş is 2 km. away from Meis island province of Greece right in front of Mediterranean Sea.


    Apart from private car transportation to Kaş will be made with busses with direct route. It’s possible to reach Kaş passing though Fethiye. There are services providing transportation between Fethiye - Kaş. Distance between two touristic area is hundred kilometer. For those who prefer air transportation after landing on Dalaman Airport 150 kilometres away from Kaş first arrive Fethiye by services then reach Kaş after.


    Mediterranean climate rules Kaş, warm in winters, rainy and tepid in winters. Coolest region of Mediterranean beach summers. Kaş has terrestrial climate in higher altitudes. Kaş has lowest humidity of Akdeniz shores in summer and the only place in Turkey where the air degree never drops below 0 in winters. Mediterranean climate juices such as oranges, lemon, banana are grown well in Kaş. Distant to Antalya centre Kaş’s roads are curvy.


    Little fishing village Kaş is a naive holiday resort away from city’s dirty and corruption stance. There are a lot of activities providing pleasant time that you can do in thousands year old historical Kaş. Make sure you enjoy the sun and sea in Kaş’s turquoise waters and famous beach. Kaputaş, Büyükçakıl, Küçükçakıl and Limanağzı beaches are Kaş’s most famous beaches to make the most out of. One of the best diving centers in Kaş getting more and more famous around both Turkey and World. Diving instructors will help the newbie divers out in time of need. Never return home before diving and exploring the mesmerising underwater world. Paragliding to Kaş’s stunning landscape will brighten your holiday experience. Trekking, Canyoning, climbing are other sports that you can do in Antalya Kaş. Historically important Kaş shows up its historical beauties bravely. Kaş Antique Theatre with the landscape predating back to B.C 1. century should be the first route of your journey. Antiphellos Antique City made with Lycian tombs, rock and mausoleum and antique theatre that brings the rooted history of ours to today. You should definitely see Xanthous Antique City predates back to B.C 7. century. Also don’t forget to add Turkey’s only sunken city Kekova to you trip list. Kekova can only be reached by sea. Sightsee Myra Ancient City and rock cemeteries belong to Demre’s Lycian era. Every part of Antalya Kaş is one of a kind. You should definitely see and enjoy the kilometers of long and popular trip place of local and foreign tourists Patara beach. Kalkan is Kaş’s one of the most known areas, a natural wonder with its beach, bazaar and harbour Kaş will leave you a mark.


    Sea products first come to mind when you consider food in Kaş. Every restaurant offers sea products appealing to the eye with its great presentation, appealing to stomach with its tastes. Patty, stuffed vine leaves, doughnut, stuffed mussels and shrimps are Kaş’s most famous delicacies. You may find most prestigious tastes of Turkish and World kitchen in restaurants nearby. Mark the marvellous landscape while you’re sitting in cafes in Kaş’s cute street and sip from your drink against Meis.


    You can memorize your vacation by purchasing trinkets, accessories and colorful various carpets from sparkling stores that decorates the streets of Kaş and brighten the night. Karakovan honey and pine honey with grape molasses are top of the items you can purchase on your way back home. You can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, healing herbs essential to local, winter jam, marmalade and tomato sauces.
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