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    One of the most touristic destination of Turkey, Fethiye is one of 13 province of Muğla. Fethiye is biggest surface area of Muğla and most populated than other provinces. Antalya is located on east of Fethiye, Mediterrenean Region on its west, Denizli on its north and Mediterrenean on its south.


    Hosting lots of local and foreign tourists, Fethiye can be reached by land and air. You can reach Fethiye with your private car or regularly organized bus trips in summer seasons. For those choosing air transportation can hop on to taxis or airport transfer services and arrive Fethiye after landing on Dalaman Airport which is 40 km. away from Fethiye.


    Holiday paradise Fethiye is located in a gulf and as a result it has one of a kind beautiful coves. Fethiye contains 180 coves and more than half of its vegetations are forests and maquis. Katrancı, Gemile, Kızılada, Domuz, Şovalye and Karacaören are most known island around Fethiye. With a lot of natural beauties Fethiye has stream and plain named Kargı and Eşen. Mendos, Girdey, Akdağ and babadağ are biggest mountains of Fethiye.


    Turquoise sea, green forests and clean beaches of Ölüdeniz will come to mind when you think about popular touristic destination in Turkey and World's numbered tourism resort Fethiye. You won't turn away from Ölüdeniz once you witness the dance of sea, sand and sun. Second most popular beach after Ölüdeniz is Çalış Beach. White sands and cleanest sea is awaiting you here. You should visit Fethiye's Butterfly Valley to embrace greenest, and spiritful forests after enjoying the sea. You won't forget the landscape you see, the air you breathe and every shade of green of forests. Apart from being naturally beautiful, Fethiye is very suitable for nature sports, if you are seeker of adrenaline, you can try paragliding start from top of Babadağ and viewing Ölüdeniz, Patara beach, Eşen Ovası and Dalaman beaches. Apart from paragliding, you can attend canoe tours in Eşen rivulet, jeep safari tours ören places. Flyboard, water skiing, windsurfing, banana and ringo are among Fethiye's other most demanding sports. Horse riding in Çalış and Kayaköy will take you to different areas. One of the best activity in Fethiye will be attending daily boat tours and sightseeing Fethiye's hidden paradises. During boat tour you can enjoy Fethiye Twelve Islands, Kıdrak Cove, Günlüklü Cove and Kabak cove. Hosting thousands of tourist each year, Saklıkent Canyon and Kayaköy Ghost City will take you to a magnificent journey. Fethiye has a lot of opportunities for travellers interested in history. Tios Ancient City, Telmessos Ancient City, Patara Ancient City and Letoon Ancient City are worthwhile to see with thousands of years old history.


    Mediterrenean and Aegean kitchen is sovereign in Fethiye. Sea products are favourite tastes of Fethiye. Alongside the Fethiye harbour almost every restaurants has region's exclusive fishes such as grouper, sea bream, red mullet and blacktip groupers will come to your table. You shouldn't leave without trying Turkish pancake with herb also known as "sac dough". Kebab and meat dishes except from sea products are also among the other tastes you can find in Fethiye restaurants.


    You can find different alternatives to shop from Fethiye. You can almost find everything you're looking for in Fethiye bazaar that sets up in tuesdays or shopping malls near the area. You can get ornaments and accesories sold in Fethiye streets. They would make a fine gift to your loved ones, and reminder of Fethiye.
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