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    Known as "Prince Islands", Buyukada, is one of the biggest island near Istanbul. Center of Adalar province and biggest of nine islands, Buyukada is located north of Monastery Hill that is 164 meter height and Yucetepe hill that is 203 meter height south.


    You may reach this natural and historically uncorrupted island with ferries and motorboats that is routing regularly between both Anatolian and European shore. Boats moving from Bostanci 25 minutes, ships moving from Kabatas 1 hour 20 minutes, sea ferries 50 minutes and motorboats depart from Kartal transport Buyukada in 30 minutes.


    Most of the houses here designed as summerhouses, Buyukada is more populated in summer than winter. If you look down Buyukada in bird's eye view you may realize that it's shaped as flat-footed feet. You may recognize Buyukada an open-air space with forests. Buyukada is known as longest island with expands to 5200 meter lenghted . Buyukada climate is similar with Istanbul climate however more heat in Buyukada can be felt.


    Buyukada is popular and crowded touristic place with its nature and historical values, also for those who wants to escape Istanbul's crowd, stress, pollution and rumble Buyukada is an essential destination route. Protected from conurbation and chaos, in Buyukada it isn't allowed to ride motorcycles or any other motored vehicles, the transportation is only allowed with phaetons and bicycles. Filled with natural wonders, activities made in Buyukada is quite enjoyable. For those who want to enjoy sun and sea might try Aya Nikola, Beach, Nakibey, Yorukali, Princess, Halil Village and Eskibag Beach. You can hire bicycles from little shops and start exploring mesmerizing pine covered forests with sea view and historical mansions here. The most popular area here is without a doubt Aya Yorgi Church. Located on top of Buyukada, Aya Yorgi Church is visited by local and foreign tourists every year. the only pathway here is walking, after a tiresome but achievesome walk, the landscape here will leave you speechless. To relax and get rid of tiresome feeling you can eat and sip though your drink at the cafe-restaurant near the church. You can have a picnic in island's green forest covered coves or provided island municipality areas with your loved ones. Considered as symbol of Buyukada, Buyukada Clock Tower is a first historical building that will get your attention as soon as you step on island. Buyukada Rum Orphanage is one of the most important historical values. This building is considered as world's biggest structure made out of timber. Lastly you'll feel island's true spirit once you see Buyukada's historical mansions.


    The most common food alternatives you'll find in Buyukada are marine products. Restaurants located on harbour provides fresh delicious fishes and appetizers for visitors. Fried mussels, doner, Turkish delight and Rome ice-cream are islands are featured delicacies of island. You'll eat your dinners and sip your drinks in Restaurant and cafes near the sea companied by sea view.


    You'll regret if you don't buy gummy-cookies, Iran pastry, cinnamon, gum mastic and lemon ingredient cookies. You can buy fresh vegetables and fruits or special herbs endemic in Buyukada. Stores in Buyukada sells accessories, souvenirs, magnet, or adornments and figures related to island. Handmade crowns made with flowers will make a fine gift to your female friends in your time in Buyukada!
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