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    Located in Marmara Region, Ayvalık is a touristic district situated in west of Balıkesir in Aegean Region and opposite of Midilli Island. Ayvalık has Dikili and Bergama on south, Gömeç on northeast and Aegean sea in the west.


    You can reach tourism center Ayvalık by land, sea, air and railway options.

    By land: You can reach Ayvalık with your private car. Apart from private car option almost any city has direct bus transportation to Ayvalık.

    By railway: One of the route to reach Ayvalık is railway. You can transfer to Balıkesir with İzmir Blue Rail and reach Ayvalık with one of the routing busses from there.

    By air: For those who chose air transportation, once they reach Edremit or İzmir they can reach Ayvalık by land

    By sea: Passangers coming from Istanbul can use İstanbul-Bandırma fast ferry. Passendger coming from Greece may prefer sea busses and ferry that arrive Ayvalık in 2 hours.


    Extremely rich with its olive trees and pine forests Ayvalık has archipelagos known as Ayvalık Islands located near Aegean Sea. Kamış, Güvercinada, Büyükkuruada and Poyraz are some of them. Shores of Ayvalık has wavy because of mountains are upright to sea. Mediterrenean climate rules over Ayvalık with sea breeze and zephyr give smooth wind.


    One of the glamorous holiday resorts of summer season Ayvalık has various of entertaining activity that waiting for vacationers. Swim freely in famous Sarımsaklı Beach and enjoy its sunbathing under clean sands and have a great time. One of the most famous activity that foreign and local people prefer is to explore out the amazing Şeytan Sofrası. Alibey Island is another magnificent beauty ayvalık has to offer to its guests.Formerly known as a little town Rums used to live Ayvalık contains historical remains of Rums and civilizations lived before that worthwhile to see. Most important locations can be listed as Ayvalık Taksiyarhis Church, Aya Athanasiu Church, Ayvalık Ayazma Church, Cunda Island, Agia Triyada Church, Cunda Island Despot House and Cunda Island Girl School. Saatli Mosque, Hacı Bayram Mosque, Ayazma Church and Ayvalık Hamidiye Mosque are Ayvalık's most popular buildings. Thousand years old structures in Ayvalık that smell history will evoke admiration. Ayvalık is as much interesting for its history as its nature. You'll be one with nature in Kozak plateau with 5 million trees. Ayvalık's most famous touristic place Cunda Island is featuring area for summer tourism. A very elegant island with its fish restaurants, chic streets and historical houses. Ayvalık is a holiday resort with high demand. A rare diving centers for fisherman. Underwater photographers often choose Ayvalık because of rich coral rifts in its sea. Cultural activities are made actively in Ayvalık. Ayvalık Cultural Art Days, Golden Beach Tourism Fest are most famous festivals. Ayvalık Theatre Fest, Olive Fest, Ayvalık International Film Fest, Cunda Music Days, Disabled Fest and traditional camel wrestles are organized in winter are placed in Ayvalık's activity calender.


    Ayvalık toast comes to mind first when you talk about Ayvalık. If you eat Ayvalık toast here you'll see the difference. Because of its location near sea, sea products are featured in Ayvalık. Appetizers made with fresh vegetables and herbs and lots of olive oils are used in dinners. Armenian-made Octopus, Fish pastrami, lakerda, boiled shrimp, Stuffed calamari, Octopus in oven, are must eat in Ayvalık and will leave a mark on your palate. You shouldnt skip on trying lately popular olivy ice-cream.


    Every thursday, bazaar setting up in Ayvalık centre is very popular with daily-trippers from Greece. It's easy to find what you're looking for in this bazaar. Widely known olive oil is the first thing you should buy from here. Olive oil soap and olive cologne are most popular in Ayvalık. Various types of accesories, ornament and hand art work products are most sold gift in Ayvalık.
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